How do I keep my scooter in top condition?

18 November 2022 by
Are you wondering how you can best maintain your scooter or electric wheelchair to ensure that it remains in good condition and for a long service life? Every scooter should be serviced annually by a reputable dealer to ensure your warranty is valid. This gives you the best product performance, so independence is not compromised and peace of mind is guaranteed. However, in between regular maintenance, there are a few ways to ensure you get the most out of your scooter.

How do I keep my scooter clean?

It is always worth cleaning your scooter regularly to improve safety. By removing dirt from your lamps you are much more visible to other road users. If your scooter has mirrors, it is best to polish them so that you have a good view to the rear. Cleaning the bodywork, wheel arches and undercarriage (where possible) can reduce the risk of corrosion. Tires that aren't covered in mud provide longer range, a smoother ride and more responsive braking. Use a brush around the wheels and suspension, but parts containing complicated electrical circuits, such as the tiller and battery box, are better cleaned with a cloth. Never use a garden hose or high-pressure cleaner to clean your scooter. It is also a good idea to clean the chair (with a suitable leather spray) and vacuum the floor well. This provides more grip and retention of the material. Clean and polish the caps with a soft damp cloth. You can possibly use a mild detergent to remove the dirt. 

Maintenance checklist for your mobility scooter

  • Visually check your scooter before each ride. Pay attention to the position of the wheels, the fixation of the joystick and the operation of the electrical system. If in doubt, always contact an authorized technician.
  • Check the tire pressure before each ride.
  • Check the tread on your tires every six months. Have it replaced in case of serious wear or drying out.
  • Check the freewheel before each ride.
  • Check the battery status every week.
  • Keep your scooter clean as described above.

Prevent mobility scooter battery problems

Most scooters have a lead gel battery. With this type of scooter battery, the charging cycle and lifespan are very important. It is best to fully charge your scooter (with lead gel battery) the first 10-15 times you use it. This means that no matter how long the ride you've been on, you'll need to complete the full charge cycle each time. This will extend power and performance. After 10-15 charge cycles have been completed, you can charge your scooter in a normal routine. Depending on the capacity of the batteries, the charging time can vary up to a maximum of 16 hours. Try to avoid interrupting a charge cycle whenever possible. It's always best to complete a full charge cycle, as overcharging short-term is detrimental to battery life. Refer to the charger's indicator lights for battery status.

Pay attention! It differs per type of charger whether it switches off automatically after a charging routine or not. Please inquire with your supplier.

Scoozy is equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery technology. Read more about the advantages of a lithium battery compared to a lead gel battery in this blog.

Mobility scooter battery in winter

If you do not use or store your scooter for a while, first make sure that the batteries are fully charged. Make sure to charge the battery at least every 14 weeks. If you intend not to use your scooter for more than 6 weeks, we recommend that you fully charge and disconnect the batteries.


  • Fully charge the batteries before using them again.
  • Never leave the batteries in a discharged state.
  • Avoid humid, hot or cold extremes when storing your scooter.

Charging the mobility scooter battery

  1. Turn off your scooter and remove the key.
  2. Plug the charger into the charging socket on the scooter.
  3. Plug the charger into the wall socket (and switch on the socket).
  4. There will be a series of lights on the charger, but since all chargers are different, refer to the charger's instructions.
  5. Only use the charger supplied with your scooter.
  6. Do not smoke or use an open flame while the batteries are charging.
  7. Do not leave the charger connected to the scooter when the charger is switched off as this may discharge your batteries.
  8. For a full charge, do not turn off, disconnect or interrupt the charge cycle until it is complete.​

Please note that extremely cold weather can increase battery charging time by up to 20%. The range of a mobility scooter also depends on the weather conditions.​ View a test of the range in practice here. Also when the lead gel batteries reach the end of their life you will notice that the charging time becomes much shorter, as well as the range of your scooter until they eventually become unusable. 

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