Mobility scooter quality, standards and certificates: How is Scoozy tested?

27 January 2022 by

Scoozy is approved according to EN12184. To ensure that we meet this European standard, Scoozy has been extensively tested by ourselves, our suppliers and various independent test institutes. This blog describes some of the endurance tests we do.​

  • Double drumtest: Bij deze test wordt Scoozy op een soort rollenbank gezet met daarop een dummy die het maximale gebruikersgewicht nabootst. De double drum maakt 200.000 cycli. Met een diameter van 0,25 m is gelijk aan ongeveer 157 km. De belasting zit hem vooral in de hobbel die op de drums gemonteerd zit. 
  • Drop test: In this test, Scoozy is again lifted with a dummy 6.666 times 50mm before dropping her to the ground.
  • Impact test: This test means that Scoozy is taxed and attacked in various ways. Some examples are a ball impacting the seat and a force of 95 kg pushing on the armrests..
  • Watertest: In this test, Scoozy is sprayed with water from all sides to see if critical components such as the computer and wiring are adequately protected from rainwater. This is equivalent to protection with IPX4 waterproofing.
  • Corrosion test: The frame is robot-welded and then fully galvanized to protect against corrosion. The structure has undergone a so-called salt spray test to confirm the quality.
  • Drive, drive and drive again: With our team, we regularly test ourselves. For example, we occasionally take a Scoozy with us on the weekend to make some meters, but we also consciously look for difficult driving situations to see what happens. Think of snow, beach, rain, mud, heat and cold. In this way, we test software and hardware for unforeseen issues. For example, in this video , you can see how we discover a programming error after driving 60 kilometers in the cold. 🥶

  • Customers: We have a number of customers who literally drive thousands of miles per year. We occasionally let these customers test new things after we have gone through our own tests. If there are still weak spots in the design in terms of sustainability, we usually discover them first through them, so that we can make solutions on time. Read more about experiences customers have with Scoozy here.

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