Everything is arranged, you only have to choose your adventure!


Choose the Scoozy Subscription, a Scoozy for a fixed amount per month, including all additional matters such as: Insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance.

And the 'flexible' subscription can even be canceled monthly! This way you can also use Scoozy temporarily without having to make a major investment.

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* There are a limited amount of Scoozy's available for leasing. Register and we will let you know if a Scoozy is available.


All inclusive

Your subscription includes service and maintenance, roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance.

No hidden costs

Your Scoozy subscription is very clear: no down payment is required. Instead, you pay a fixed amount per month and a fixed amount for collection and delivery.

Choose what suits you

Take a flexible subscription where you can cancel the Scoozy with a term of 1 month. Or take out a fixed subscription of 48 months and save on the monthly amount.



We make it easy for you to remain mobile without any hassle. If you need repair or replacement transport, we will take care of it for you.


Cancel your subscription if you no longer need Scoozy. This is handy if you're not sure how long you need Scoozy.


There are no hidden costs or unexpected setbacks. You know exactly where you stand with our subscription.

Hassle free when you no longer need Scoozy

No one wants to go through the hassle of selling their Scoozy when they're no longer using it. We take care of that for you.

No investment needed

This means that, because you don't have to buy a Scoozy, you can save the money you would have spent on a Scoozy to invest in other things that are important to you.



£​ 269.00

  • Can be canceled monthly
  •  Insurance + Roadside Assistance
  •  R​epairs and maintenance
  •  Scoozy C - 50 km range
  •  Accessories:  Luggage rack - Bag - Mirror
  •  1.500 km driving each year
  • FREE home delivery
  • + £​269,- Upfront deposit


  • + £​30,- per month - Extra battery 100 km range
  • + £​20 -per month - 2.500 km driving each year.  
  • + £​40,- per month - 5.000 km driving each year.  


£​ 189.00

  • 48 months lease contract
  •   Insurance + Roadside Assistance
  •  Repairs and maintenance
  •  Scoozy C - 50 km range
  •  Accessories:  Luggage rack - Bag - Mirror
  •  1.500 km driving each year
  • FREE home delivery
  • + £​189,- Upfront deposit


    • + £​20,- per month - Extra battery 100 km range
    • + £​20 per month - 2.500 km driving each year.
    • + £​40 per month - 5.000 km driving each year.  


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Fill in your details and let us know who you are, where you live and what your wishes are.

We call you

A representative from Scoozy/TGA mobility will call you to go over your registration and check everything with you.

Sign the contract

If all the information is correct, you will receive a contract from us by email. After signing we will schedule an appointment...

Start driving!

... for delivering your Scoozy! Of course you will receive extensive driving instructions upon delivery by one of our product specialists.


Do you already know when you want to start the subscription? Enter it here.
Do you already know how long you want to use Scoozy? Enter it here.

Would you like to speak to someone directly?

Call our distributor in the UK, TGA Mobility, for free at:

 0800 058 4421

(Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:30)


Take a test drive with Scoozy. That way you know if Scoozy suits you. You can schedule a test drive at home or visit a dealer. Not sure yet? Start with a flexible subscription that you can cancel at any time. Take into account the notice period of 1 month.

Scoozy is available in one model and one colour. You can choose between a range of 50 or 100 kilometers. A luggage rack, waterproof bag and mirror are standard on the subscription models. In addition, accessories are available such as mirrors, telephone holder, walking stick holder and front luggage rack. These options should be purchased for now.

Finally, it is important to determine the maximum number of kilometers. By default, this is 1,500 km per year. This can be expanded to 2,500 or 5,000 km per year. Do you find it difficult to estimate this? Then start on the last number. When you exceed 1,500 km, we will contact you and increase the subscription to the 2,500 km option. The same applies for 2,500 to 5,000 km.

When buying and leasing, we deliver a new Scoozy. We cannot guarantee this with a monthly subscription and it depends on availability. Of course you can assume that the Scoozy you receive is in top condition.

In the unlikely event that you die, we will stop the subscription and Scoozy can be returned to us after consultation with your next of kin. It does not matter whether it is a flexible subscription or a subscription for 48 months.

Modifications are allowed as long as they can be easily reversed without damage to the vehicle. You must arrange these adjustments yourself and are not offered by Scoozy.

Is Scoozy my property at the end of the 48-month lease?

No, Scoozy remains the property of TGA Mobility at the end of the lease subscription. At the end of the term, we offer the option to take over Scoozy for the current value.