Scoozy: A mobility scooter for the city and for in nature!

9 February 2022 by
Scoozy is a hybrid between power chairs and scooters. An electric sit down scooter for uneven surfaces, both in the city and in nature. We often get the question: can Scoozy also drive on the beach? This blog explains where you can and cannot go with Scoozy and which Scoozy features make this possible.


Scoozy has four large 16-inch wheels with striking rims. The wheels not only look beautiful. You can easily drive up a curb with it. Cobbled roads feel comfortable and an unpaved forest path is no problem. You are ready for wherever the adventure takes you with these large wheels.


Scoozy has independent suspension wheels at the front and semi-independent rear. Each wheel has its suspension with integrated spring and damper. It gives the best road holding and comfort because each wheel dampens bumps and obstacles separately from the other wheels. As a result, Scoozy rides steadily on every surface.


Scoozy has a transaxle motor with a nominal power of 1400W that drives the rear wheels. With that, you drive fine, even through the mud. 

Because of the above features, you can do more with Scoozy than many other mobility scooters. We test drive mobility scooter Scoozy in many environments. In the photos below, you can see where you can drive with Scoozy. View associated videos on our YouTube channel.


We strongly advise against using Scoozy on the beach and other environments with loose sand. We’ve tested this a lot. For the beach, you need wider tires so that you prevent yourself from sinking into the loose sand. In addition, it is good to remember that fine sand gets into rotating parts and causes extra wear. Seawater is also harmful to the product because it has a corrosive effect. All of this will Scoozy’s lifespan  negatively affect. 

Experience Scoozy yourself!

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