Scoozy and the Van Raam Easyrider Bike

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29 September 2023 by
Scoozy B.V., Scoozy

Mobility is a precious asset that we often take for granted until we face limitations. Fortunately, advanced mobility aids now offer you the opportunity to maintain your independence and freedom. In this blog, you will discover the inspiring stories of Gerard, Erik, and Jan, who have regained and improved their mobility thanks to the innovative Scoozy scooter and the versatile Van Raam Easyrider bike Keep reading to explore how these two mobility aids complement each other and the benefits they offer in terms of mobility and freedom.

Gerard: Safety and Independence in the Woods

Gerard faced the challenge of mobility after a stroke. "The municipality offered me a 3-wheel scooter, but it wasn't a safe option due to the unpaved roads around my house and the fact that I can only use one hand to steer." Gerard took matters into his own hands and invested in a Scoozy scooter. "With Scoozy, I can safely ride through the forest around my house and enjoy nature. Moreover, the scooter provides me with the freedom to independently attend therapy, go grocery shopping, and savor a fish dish at the market." The use of a joystick and four large wheels makes Scoozy an ideal choice for Gerard. 

​As a recreational option, he opted for a 3-wheel bike through the WMO, allowing him to go out with his wife. "One drawback of the Easyrider for me is that I need assistance getting on and off it, so I can't use it alone."

Erik: Convenience and Speed

Erik underwent surgery on his spinal cord, resulting in reduced leg strength. For him, the Scoozy and the Van Raam Easyrider proved to be great solutions. "Grocery shopping and walking the dog are a breeze with the Scoozy. Additionally, the Scoozy is more compact, making it easy to transport in the back of a van or trailer. On the other hand, the bike offers speed and the benefits of active movement." For Erik, both mobility aids are perfect additions to his daily life, depending on his specific needs at any given moment.

Jan: Nature Enthusiast on Wheels

Jan faces lifelong effects from childhood polio and is permanently in a wheelchair. "With the bike, I can enjoy wonderful trips in the area with my wife. It allows me to stay active, which is crucial. With the Scoozy, on the other hand, I can comfortably navigate our farmyard and unpaved nature trails, places I can't reach with a bike or on foot."

Jan op Scootmobiel Scoozy en driewiel fiets

Conclusion: A Complementary Mobility Solution

Whether you're dealing with physical challenges or simply seeking more mobility and adventure, the Scoozy scooter and the Van Raam Easyrider bike can make a world of difference. The stories of Gerard, Erik, and Jan illustrate how Scoozy and the Van Raam Easyrider bike can complement each other, offering comprehensive mobility freedom. While the Scoozy provides efficiency and comfort for daily tasks and adventures in rugged terrain, the bike brings the joy of active movement and social interaction in the great outdoors. Consider which of these aids best suits your needs and get ready for a more active and adventurous life.

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