Why Opting for a Lithium Battery in Your Mobility Scooter is a Smart Choice: 5 Benefits

18 November 2022 by
Most standard mobility scooters come equipped with a lead-acid battery, but at Scoozy, we have deliberately chosen to use a lithium battery. Why? In this blog post, we share five benefits of using a lithium battery instead of a lead-acid battery, with special attention to energy consumption and sustainability.


A lithium battery lasts significantly longer than a lead-acid battery, up to 3 to 4 times longer. With 1500 to 2000 charge cycles, a lithium battery offers a sustainable solution for your scooter, while lead-acid batteries lose their power after just 300-500 cycles.


Thanks to the fast charging time of a lithium battery, you can get back on the road quickly. While lead-acid batteries require an absorption phase for the last 20% capacity, a lithium battery can be rapidly charged without the risk of damage, even if it's not fully charged.


With a lithium battery, you enjoy a lighter mobility scooter, as lithium batteries are up to 4 times lighter than lead-acid batteries with the same energy capacity. This not only results in better maneuverability but also in less energy consumption during driving.


Lithium batteries are significantly more efficient in storing energy than lead-acid batteries, with a charging efficiency of nearly 100% compared to about 85% for lead-acid batteries. This means less wasted energy and better performance from your scooter.


While both lead-acid and lithium batteries lose capacity in cold environments, a lithium battery retains a much higher capacity at low temperatures. At -20˚C, for example, a lithium battery retains 80% of its capacity, while a lead-acid battery retains only 30%.

By choosing a scooter with a lithium battery, such as the Scoozy, you benefit from a longer lifespan, faster charging, lower weight, minimal energy loss, and better performance in various climates. Invest in a sustainable and efficient mobility solution with a lithium battery for your scooter.

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