Scoozy C - Mobility Scooter with Joystick

Scoozy® C is a unique hybrid form combining an electric wheelchair and a joystick-operated mobility scooter for outdoor use. Standard equipped with:
- Li-ion Battery
- LED lighting
- Comfort cushion set
- Color Moonshot Grey (1 color available)
- Mirror (one-sided only in the UK)
- Charger
- 2x NFC tag

9,995.00 € 9995.0 EUR 9,995.00 € with VAT relief

9,995.00 € with VAT relief

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  • Joystick position
  • Range and speed

This combination does not exist.

Single-handed steering


What stands out first is the absence of the steering column. We aim for nothing to come between you and the world. That's the vision behind our design. Offering long-distance capabilities, higher-speed riding, and joystick operation, you merge the advantages of a mobility scooter with the features of an electric wheelchair controlled by a joystick. This way, you easily steer your mobility scooter with one hand. This provides three advantages in terms of comfort and safety.

Scootmobiel met joystick

1. Active brake

Unlike the traditional mobility scooter, with Scoozy, you actively brake by pulling the joystick backward. This gives the driver a sense of control. 

2. Relaxed Shoulders 

Throughout the ride, you can let your arms rest comfortably on the armrests. No more tired arms! The steering is also effortless, requiring minimal strength.

3. Ample Legroom

Simultaneously, the absence of the steering column provides ample legroom. This is especially useful if you have long legs or limited ability to bend them.

Scootmobiel opladen

Ride all day on a single charge


Embark on boundless journeys with the lithium-ion battery, offering a range of up to 100 km. Extend your ride further through the regenerative braking system, which recycles brake energy back to the battery. 

Charge Scoozy in any regular power outlet. You can stop charging at any time without negatively affecting the lithium battery's capacity. The display indicates the remaining kilometers you can drive, keeping you informed at all times. 

Go on an adventure


Scoozy excels best in outdoor use. It also maneuvers well in a shopping center or an average supermarket. 

Scoozy is a mobility scooter specifically designed for use on uneven terrains, both in urban settings and in nature. It performs better than many other products. 

The steering angle limiter, the incline sensor, and the powerful motor work together precisely, providing the smoothest and quietest riding experience ever!

all terrain scootmobiel



50-100 km


15-18 km/h


Li-ion 48V, 33.8 - 67.6 Ah


Transaxle CT6

Charging time

8 km range per hour of charging

User weight

Max. 150 kg (+30 kg lugage)

Turning radius

130 cm

Incline angle

Max. 10°

Obstacle height

Max. 10 cm


EN 12184 Class C 

Afmetingen Scootmobiel Scoozy


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Experience the freedom of Scoozy's open design and effortlessly step in for a test drive. With our unique entry system devoid of a steering column, getting in and out is easy: simply press the black button to open the armrest, allowing the swivel wheels to provide ample space. The frame is robust enough to fully support you during entry. Once you're comfortable, close the door, fasten the safety belt, and get ready for an adventurous ride.

Book a test drive at your preferred location, visit a dealer, or explore our factory to personally experience the joy of driving with Scoozy!

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