Having Fun with Your Dog and the Scoozy Mobility Scooter.

Embarking on Adventures Together
17 August 2023 by
Scoozy B.V., Scoozy

For dog lovers, taking their loyal companion for a walk is a daily joy, but sometimes physical limitations can make this task increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there's a solution that not only aids in this task but also opens up a whole new world of fun and nature exploration. Meet Scoozy, the modern mobility scooter that makes walking your dog enjoyable and effortless again.

​Hennie's Story

When I saw the Scoozy, I had no doubts. I just wanted to have it, as I saw several benefits, such as its great range. It's perfect for taking the dog out and going on longer rides through the woods. The freedom that Scoozy offers me, even with my rheumatic issues, is invaluable. The feeling of the wind in my hair while my loyal companion walks beside me is truly delightful. Thanks to Scoozy, I can once again enjoy the small and big adventures in life!  

Hennie • Age 66 • Reumatism

Hennie's words reflect the experience of many others who have discovered Scoozy as a key to rediscovering outdoor life. But what are the specific benefits that Scoozy offers?

1. Space for You and Your Dog

A unique feature of Scoozy is the special space on the footplate. Your dog can comfortably sit and ride along as you explore the outside world together. This creates an intimate bond and a shared experience that is unforgettable for both you and your dog.

2. No Steering Column, More Freedom of Movement

Scoozy's design without a steering column provides space on the side of the mobility scooter, perfect for your dog to walk beside you on a leash. This means your dog can not only ride along but also move comfortably beside you during your ride.

3. Scoozy All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

Scoozy's ability to handle uneven terrain and nature makes it the ideal companion for adventures with your dog. Enjoy walks through forests, parks, and grassy fields together, knowing that Scoozy effortlessly keeps up with you.

Stories of Adventurous Companions

Hennie isn't the only one excited about Scoozy. Countless other users share similar experiences of how Scoozy has transformed their lives and their relationship with their dog. Scoozy has proven to be more than just a mobility scooter – it's a source of joy and discovery.


Scoozy opens the door to a world of outdoor adventures that you can experience alongside your dog, regardless of any physical challenges. With comfortable rides and freedom of movement for your dog, Scoozy offers the perfect opportunity to (re)discover the joys of nature. Get ready for new experiences, stunning views, and unforgettable moments as you and your dog enjoy the wonders of the outdoors together.

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Accessory Tips

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