Multiple Sclerosis and a Mobility Scooter

How the modern mobility scooter Scoozy is changing the lives of 3 young people with MS.
7 July 2023 by
Scoozy B.V., Scoozy

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a daily challenge due to the increasing difficulty in walking. MS often occurs at a younger age (diagnosed between 20 and 40). Finding ways to remain independent and maintain a satisfying lifestyle becomes crucial. But how do you achieve that when most assistive devices are outdated and old-fashioned? In this article, discover how the modern mobility scooter Scoozy is changing the lives of three young individuals with MS.

A Mobility Scooter for the Elderly?

Sarah Kingsma (37) loves a drink, the occasional joint, friends, and socializing. However, as a twenty-something, MS forced her into a wheelchair, mobility scooter, and stairlift. After a stem cell transplant, the MS disappeared, and she embraced her second life. Now, she has a mission: to make medical aids appealing.

"It's my dream to have a webshop offering empowering and trendy (medical) aids. From my experience as a chronically ill person, I've noticed that aids do little good for your self-confidence. The designs and colors are often outdated, while you might be fully engaged in life or want to be! Because beauty, style, coolness, or whatever you want to call it, is just as important for many people as functionality, especially when you're young."

As soon as I saw Scoozy, I thought: what a cool thing!

Sarah Kingsma • Vlogster and MS-activist

Now she's testing the new Scoozy, the modern alternative to the traditional mobility scooter. Read the interview with Sarah about Scoozy in Support Magazine.

Trendy City Mobility Scooter

Seth (29) received the MS diagnosis at 17. Seth is a great example that such a diagnosis doesn't mean you're written off. He pursued a degree in Communication, now has a good job, and enjoys sports. Yet, Seth reached a point where he realized he needed an aid. For many, there's an emotional aspect to this. "For me, there was this frumpy image attached to mobility scooters. I really couldn't see myself in one." Seth googled "trendy mobility scooter," and there he found Scoozy. "I booked a test ride and immediately fell in love."

Seth op hippe scootmobiel

When I saw Scoozy, I knew right away: I want that!

Seth • Age 29 - has MS
What does Scoozy mean for Seth, and how did he manage to partly finance this modern mobility scooter alternative? Read about his experience

​Off-Road Mobility Scooter for the Woods

​"About five years ago, I suddenly noticed that I was stumbling more often. After visits to the physiotherapist and sports doctor, I ended up with the neurologist because the symptoms didn't improve. That's where I got the 'MS' diagnosis." For Karin (58), after her diagnosis, it was clear she wanted and could continue working.

Of course, a lot changed. Long walks, for example, were no longer possible. A significant loss for this enthusiastic runner who used to share the love for running with her husband. "That's what I missed the most. Running with my husband in the woods. Those were the moments we had great conversations, sometimes for hours." Missed, Karin adds. Because since she got the off-road mobility scooter Scoozy, trips through the woods are back on track, and she can go anywhere.

Read more about how Karin, with the help of Scoozy, continues to work on helping others. 

The first time I returned to places in nature where my husband and I hadn't been together for years, I realized how much I had missed that.

Karin • Age 58 - has MS

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With its innovative design and advanced features, the modern mobility scooter Scoozy has brought about a significant change in the lives of these young individuals with MS. The modern design not only enhances their functionality but also adds a stylish element to their overall look and, thus, the rider's confidence. So why wait? Experience for yourself how amazing it is to ride with Scoozy and the possibilities it offers. Take a test ride at a desired location, such as your home or in nature, or visit our factory.

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